Paul Mennen

Paul graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSEE and earned a Masters degree from Stanford in Electrical Engineering with a minor in statistics. In his three decades as an engineer he specialized in Fourier analysis and global positioning systems, both highly mathematical specialties. If you want to know even more about Paul, visit his website -

Dr. Susan Hough

Susan earned her BSME at the University of Minnesota and then her Masters and PhD in signal processing and acoustics as a Marshall Scholar studying at Southampton University in England. Her decade of experience in the high tech industry spanned positions in research, applications engineering, and technical marketing. Susan and Paul live in Sunnyvale with their two children and their cat.

Teaching experience

Even before starting Math Inspired Tutoring, Paul always mixed teaching with whatever else he was doing. Paul first recognized he had some talent for teaching when his four siblings (including an older sister) would request his help, especially in math. This trend continued into college where his classmates would line up outside his door for help with just about any subject. Paul has also tutored his own children including some home schooling (several years of math and one year of physics). Paul is a past director of the Stanford Math Circle, and has logged about 300 hours as a flight instructor including both primary and instrument training. At MathInspired Tutoring, Paul specializes in the more advanced math students including geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra, AP physics, and computer programming, although he tutors the younger math students as well. Paul coaches students to improve their scores on the math section of standardized tests such as SAT, graduation exit exams, and math achievement tests. For the English section of these exams Paul defers to his extremely literary wife.

Susan also seemed destined to be a teacher from an early age. Her first paid teaching gig was as a dorm tutor to help pay her way through her undergraduate studies. She tutored students in all subjects whether she had taken the course or not. Susan's first job after her PhD studies involved setting up and teaching courses around the world in solving acoustics and vibration problems. Of course Susan was very involved in the teaching of her own children as well as her children's classmates and her friends' children. For the last few years, Susan has been at Murdock-Portal Elementary School, teaching Hands-On Science to 4th and 5th graders, as well as occasionally teaching math and music. Although Susan can tutor the advanced math and science subjects as well as Paul, she tends to specialize more in the younger students and English composition for students of all ages.